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Four houses by Eliixer Four houses :iconeliixer:Eliixer 329 115 Helga and Salazar by nami64 Helga and Salazar :iconnami64:nami64 2,997 197
Mature content
England x Reader: Lemon :iconsangre-du-il-frau:Sangre-Du-Il-Frau 145 27
How to Kiss a Lady [Scotland X Reader X England]
"You damn bloody git!"
"Ye just ano'her jealous dickheed!"
Arthur and Allistor Kirkland were at it...again.
It was surprising that these two were even related; they're exact opposites. The only way you could tell that they're even siblings is their unbelievably thick brows. Besides the eyebrows, there's nothing that the two shared in the looks department...
Allistor has handfuls and handfuls of fiery red hair piled atop his head while thousands of freckles are scattered across his face. He also has these wide, green eyes that one could get lost in as if they were a endless meadow of dark, lush green grass. Not to mention that he gave off this heavenly scent of cigars and cologne.
Arthur wasn't that hideous either. In fact, he's probably the most handsome Englishman you'll ever come to meet. He, like his brother, had a lovely pair of green eyes, though his were extremely light compared to those of his brother. Arthur's eyes are a elegant shade of jade green that were specked with
:iconallyson-joy:AllYson-JoY 515 122
Anime MBTI types
I'll probably edit this as I read more of the forum that I'm reading, but here's some Myers-Briggs type indicator anime types!!!! YAyyyyyyy!!!! (I'm only typing the ones that are/seem to be from popular anime, link to the rest of the forum below...)
Tsukasa: INFP
Ichigo: ENFJ
Rukia: INFP
Orihime: INFJ
Chad: ISFJ
Uryu: INTJ
Renji: ESFJ
Claire: INFJ
Raki: ENFP
Code Geass:
Lelouch: INTJ
Suzaku: INFJ
C.C.: INTP (hehe lol)
Nunnally: ISFP
Kallen: ESTP
Cowboy Bebop:
Spike: ISTP
Faye: ESTP
Vicious: ENTJ
D. Gray Man (lots of controversy over D. Gray Man characters so I'll just evaluate them myself when I have the chance hehe):
Millenium Earl: ENTJ/ENTP
Allen Walker: ISTJ
Road Kamelot: ISFP/INTP...?
Bookman: INTJ
JasDevi: ESFJ
Alistair Krory: ENFP
Miranda Lotto: ENFJ/ENFP
Lenalee Lee: INFP
Death Note:
Light: ENTJ (omg wtf my dad is.... ;alkdfja;lkdfja)
Misa: ISFP
Near: INTJ
:iconbabyunicornart:babyunicornart 30 84
[Modern!AU] Kissing Booths [Eren x Reader]
Angry green irises never ceased to follow your carefree form as you began to decorate your pink booth with sticker hearts and glitter. You could hear the boy click his tongue in annoyance behind you, making you roll your eyes again.
“If you're not going to help, can you at least stop staring daggers in my head?” you chuckled at the boy who kept following you around like a lost puppy.
“They should have made a boy run the booth instead!” He huffed in irritation while you simply hummed a tune to yourself to drown him out. “What was that stupid bastard thinking?” he continued to grumble for the fifth time that day.
“I don't see what's the big deal,” you chuckled in amusement at the various aggravated expression he made while he paced back in forth. “Someone would have to do it anyway. It was just my rotten luck it was me,” you sighed and stepped into the booth.
“That's not the point! What if someone tries to take advantage o
:iconvariafran:VariaFran 797 76
America x Reader
Title: Carry Out
Summary: I feed your appetite. 
Rating: 13+
Pairing: America (Hetalia) / Reader
Disclaimer: I don't own Hetalia, just the plot.
[A/N: This was super fun to make.]
Alfred was a master of takeout. He had every delivery place on speed dial: Chinese, subs, burgers—pretty much whatever he wanted was only a call away.
Today, he craved some pizza. After a nice long workout, he liked loading up on carbs, and nothing beat stretching the slick cheese as he grabbed a hot slice and stuffed his face with a cold soda on the side.
He had just stepped out of the shower when he heard the doorbell ring. He quickly toweled his hair before wrapping it loosely around his hips, not bothering to get dressed because one, it was his apartment so who the fuck cares, and two, the delivery guy was always this same scrawny Indian dude named John so what would he care. If anything, he vaguely recalled answering the door in less than a towel once.
Walking out of the steaming bathroom
:iconsangre-du-il-frau:Sangre-Du-Il-Frau 60 32
SG: quiet afternoon by pancake-waddle SG: quiet afternoon :iconpancake-waddle:pancake-waddle 2,314 61 MAGE: visitor by pancake-waddle MAGE: visitor :iconpancake-waddle:pancake-waddle 4,607 132
Mature content
EnglandXReader [Lemon] :iconmirrordemoness:MirrorDemoness 205 40
England x Reader
Title: Pills and Potions: Chapter Two
Summary: "You're driving me crazy."
Rating: T for Teen
Pairing: England (Hetalia) / Reader
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters, just the plot.
[A/N: Please enjoy!]
Arthur, with a sigh, clutches his head and groans in his hands in anger and embarrassment. "Bloody Hell." He whispers. There was never a time, where he didn't mind (Name)'s company. No, never mind his lame crush-or rather, lust... he adored the girl, looked up to her as much as everyone else did.
She was undoubtedly the 'mother' or 'big sister' figure they all needed, even if most of the nations saw her as a possible love interest. That (Name) was the one he was used too, not this crazy, lewd nymphomaniac that he had to babysit for god knows how long. It was odd seeing the girl so, vulnerable looking-so needy. It threw everything off for him and everyone else.
Arthur scratched his head in frustration, unsure of w
:iconsangre-du-il-frau:Sangre-Du-Il-Frau 38 17
Welcome to College {Hetalia x Reader} Chapter 4
Chapter 4: Truth or Dare Sucks
England x Reader
A chorus of giggles erupted from the girls that sat in (Name) and Mei’s bedroom. They had formed a circle on the ground, with popcorn bowls and soda situated in the middle.
“Okay, okay, I’ve got one!” Bella exclaimed, calming down from her giggles. “Lili, I dare you to text your brother that you’re dating someone!”
A chorus of ‘oohs’ sounded around the room as Lili stared wide-eyed at her friend. “W-wait, I want to change it to truth!”
“Nope, sorry Lili, you can’t change it!”
“B-but…” She looked frantic, “Big bruder will kill me!”
“Nah, if anything, he’ll kill your imaginary boyfriend.” Elizabeta replied, laughing. “All right, let’s give Lili a pass from this one. We don’t need an angry Swiss banging down our door and interrupting us.”
Lili looked so relieved t
:iconjessicac924:JessicaC924 27 36
Vichenta by empew Vichenta :iconempew:empew 1,529 37
England x Royal!Reader: Duties
    As the oldest child of two daughters of the king and queen of England, I was one of the most important people in the entire country (right after my parents). Not only that, but I had men lined up for me, right at my feet. For most people, this was a fantasy. For me? It was a nightmare.
    While I enjoyed being a young lady that was wanted by even the most attractive young men, it was exhausting. My parents talked of marriage as though it didn't matter at all how I felt about the subject. I had young men over almost every week. My parents sized all of them up, wanting the absolute best: great with money, very attractive, and being able to start a family.
    Today was another one of those days. Another young man was sitting on one of our couches, looking like he was about to piss himself. It was almost funny, if he hadn't been asking for my hand in marriage. The living room had become more of a conference room: my mother and father sat on either side o
:iconthewritingartist0203:TheWritingArtist0203 73 3
APH The World Is Mine by Mano-chan APH The World Is Mine :iconmano-chan:Mano-chan 3,754 212 Painting Process: APH England by Mano-chan Painting Process: APH England :iconmano-chan:Mano-chan 1,040 45


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